Advantages of Online Training: 

  1. Time – You can save an unbelievable amount of time when you don’t have to drive to the studio one to five times a week. You aren’t pigeon-holed or fighting for the same training spots as every other client.
  2. Flexibility – You can change when you train according to your schedule. No more cancelling sessions because of meetings or kid emergencies.
  3.  Money – Online programs are a fraction of the investment of in-person sessions.

Who is online training good for?

Online training is good:

  • If you’re self-motivated and need direction and coaching to help you achieve the health fitness you desire.
  • When flexibility is a must for your schedule.
  • When you have the motivation but need some accountability to stay consisitent
    in your efforts.

Online training is not the best fit when:

  • You need someone to be with you in person to help you with your form during exercises.
  • The commitment to meet someone is the stronger accountability you need to follow through on your action steps.
  • You aren’t ready to make your coaching practice and training a priority in your life. 

Is Online Training Right For You?

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Online Training Options

Personal Training

Fitness Training Only
$225/4 Weeks
  • ~ Customized Training Program to reach your desired results
  • ~ One 30-minute zoom video session
  • ~ Workout completion accountability via app
  • ~ Email Support
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Health/Life Coaching

Nutrition & Life Coaching
$125 - 297/4 Weeks
  • ~ Group or Personal Options
  • ~ Customized coaching for your life and desired results
  • ~ Online support group for additional accountability
  • ~ Group coaching sessions weekly or one-on-one video sessions bi-weekly via zoom 
  • ~ Members site with bonus content
  • ~ Personal homepage for daily lessons, habits, tracking progess, coach support
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Laser Focused Coaching

Nutrition & Life Coaching
$97/4 Weeks
  • ~ Unlimited 15-minute laser focused coaching to hold you accountable, moving forward and getting results
  • ~ Customized coaching for your life and desired results
  • ~ Great addition to any personal or group program when you want to see results fast
  • ~ Sessions are held via zoom video calls 
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