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Are You Ready To Transform Your Health?

There’s a NEW kind of fit and fabulous female in the world today, AND IT’S YOU.

You have a burning desire to be the best version of you; to discover your super powers and share your talents with your family, friends, and the world. You have an athlete inside of you. You are an alchemist with the power to transform your life.

The new fit and fabulous female is the mom that wants to be the best for her family. The career woman that loves her job and wants to quit using lack of time as an excuse. It’s the girl that’s tried every single diet and wants to get off the weight roller coaster. It’s the partner that’s ready to learn new skills and habits to change her life for real. It’s the stay-at-home mom that’s done putting her needs dead last on the priority list. The woman that knows balance and harmony are possible in her life, but struggles to put them together. The woman that knows her excuses are holding her back.


Each month we give away 10 health transformation sessions to selected women that are ready to begin their health transformation journey. You can Apply here to see if you’ll be selected for a FREE Health Transformation session!

You can read about my personal health transformation journey here.

What Is The Health Transformation Session?

The Health Transformation Session is our most comprehensive assessment designed to help create your customized Health Transformation Program. This session is a $100 investment and opens the doorway to your customized health journey. You can book a paid Health Transformation Session anytime.

I am passionate about empowering ladies to live their life on purpose, with purpose. (You’ll understand when when you read my story.) That’s why I open up a few free sessions each month for women, like you, that are ready to take control of their life and health. If you’d like to be considered for one of the selected openings, apply here today. Call or text 801-971-5030 anytime to set up a paid appointment or book online here.

Here’s what you can expect during your health transformation session:

  • We’ll explore what the perfect program would look like for you. You know, the one that as you’re reading the description you’re nodding your head saying, “Yes, I need that. Yes, I want that. Yes, I didn’t even think about that but I definitely need help with that too. Where is the ‘Buy Now’ button?”
  • We’ll crystalize the vision you have for your health transformation and really dig deep to make sure this is a priority for you right now. Because sometimes it’s not, and that’s okay.
  • Next we’ll explore where you are right now. Getting clear about your current situation will help us know where to focus our efforts during your customized program.
  • Once we know where you’re at, we’ll help you discover what roadblocks are standing in your way and keeping you from getting to your ultimate destination. It’s not always what you think!
  • From there, we’ll go into a recalled nutritional analysis. You’ll recall a typical day, a ‘good’ day, and a ‘bad’ day of eating that you might experience. This gives us a good reference to make some quick observations, recommendations, and helps when customizing your program.
  • We’ll complete a Functional Stability Assessment. This allows us to see where you might have any instabilities in your body as you move through functional movements like squats and lunges. These are important because you do them everyday like when you sit and stand, get in and out of the car, or walk up and down stairs. We’ll know where to start you in the program and what we need to focus on so you can move your body better.
  • Completing a body analysis including height, weight, BMI, and body fat percentage helps to establish a baseline. It’s only on of the assessment tools that we use to monitor your progress and it’s a great one to start with here. We can learn if we need to focus more on fat loss vs. muscle gain (because, that can affect your nutrition and workout program). But remember, it’s not about the number on the scale. Although we monitor the ranges generally considered ‘healthy,’ that doesn’t always mean those are the numbers you should be striving for.
  • Lastly, we’ll tie it all together and go over the results and recommendations. Some of which you can put into practice immediately regardless of whether we choose to continue to work together. We’ll show you exactly what your customized program will look like and then together, we’ll decide if we should continue to work together.

Here’s what some people have been saying about their Health Transformation Session:

“The most valuable part of this session for me was getting a lot of new knowledge and learning that I really do need to change.” ~ Sabrina K.

“I was able to identify that it’s a bigger problem that just what I’m eating.” ~ Brittany F.

“Talking through the mental and emotional side of how I do things was the most impactful part of the session. I try to eat a more plant based diet so I sort of knew I wasn’t getting enough protein, but I had no idea I wasn’t getting enough vegetables until after we did the nutritional analysis!” ~ Jillian Y.

“It was valuable for me to see that everything I want is possible and I’m not crazy for wanting to lose a lot of weight. I know that it will take some time, but I know that I’m okay and I can each my goals.”        ~ Nicole L.

“Learning that what works for me might not work for my family was eye opening. It was valuable to go through the nutrition analysis and gain an awareness of what I’m eating. I learned some knew techniques like cutting my food when we eat out and having it boxed for home when the food is delivered so I’m not tempted to eat everything on the plate after I’m full.” ~ Zein B.

“What was the most valuable? All of it. Going through the process and answering the questions, being more aware of I am doing. See what my body can do in the stability assessment. Talking through things with someone that knowledgable.” ~ Melissa D.

“The most valuable part was just talking through everything.” ~ Jennifer J.

Are you ready?

Apply for one of the free monthly sessions here. OR schedule a paid session anytime through our app or online. Call and text at 801-971-5030, or email for more information.